Jul 14 2011

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Geography of UK Crime: Are you safe?

“]Geography of UK Crime

Public data has gone from strength to strength in the past decade and today saw the release of the annual British Crime Survey for 2010/11 results. This survey has led to to some interesting reading, with an interactive map making the data that little bit more interactive. All of the geographic data used to make this interactive map is available from the Home OfficeWebsite and has been created using Google Fusion tables.

Holistic facts from the data are as follows:

• 9% fall in vandalism as measured by the BCS
• 13% fall in criminal damage and 9% drop in car crime on the police figures
• The murder rate in England and Wales rose from 618 to 642 homicides in 2010/11, which included the 12 victims of the Cumbria shootings in June 2010
• Sexual offences as recorded by the police rose by 1%.
• The BCS estimated there were 9.6m crimes in 2010/11 compared with 9.5m the year before. Police recorded 4.2m offences, a 4% fall compared with 4.3m the previous year and its lowest level since 2002

[Source: Guardian Data Blog]

How does the crime geography of your local area look? Could you make better GIS use of this data? Let us know!

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